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The Basic Program
Do-It-Yourself but not by yourself with our Professional Tools, Resources and Support
Sell Your Business
Would you like to sell your business with the same tools and resources business brokers use — and pay no commissions?
We call it our Basic Program, but there’s nothing “basic” about it—it’s a full suite of tools and resources to help you sell your business like a pro. In fact, you will be using the same professional tools BizByOwner Consultants and Broker Affiliates use! For a low, one-time fee, our system takes you, step-by-step, through the critical phases of selling a business:
  Step 1:  Preparing your business for sale.
  Step 2:  Finding buyers while keeping the
               sale confidential.
  Step 3:  Working with buyers to get the
               deal done.
Click on the Complete Solution Demo button below to see how each part of the system works—we think you’ll be truly impressed!

See the demo on how we help you sell a business

We're sorry but this package is now only available to our affiliate brokers.

If you still have questions, please call us toll free at 1.720.772.7052!

The Complete Solution to Sell a Business  
Basic Program to Sell a Business
Our easy to use system will take you step-by-step through the three crucial phases of selling a business!
Step 1:   Prepare Your Business for Sale
Click "Step 1" above for Demo

The first step when you sell a business is preparing it for sale. Our easy-to-use tools help you understand the value of your business with a Business Valuation and help you develop a compelling presentation for buyers – your Business Offering Report.

   See Sample Business Valuation Report
   See Sample Business Offering Report
Step 2:   Find Buyers Confidentially
Click "Step 2" above for Demo

Our Marketing Resource Center provides powerful tools, resources and strategies for finding and qualifying buyers, while keeping your business sale confidential.

Plus, you will receive an Online Presentation - the most dynamic method available to securely present your business to qualified buyers.

Learn More about how we help you Find Buyers
Learn More about your Online Presentation
Step 3:   Manage Buyers & Close the Deal!
Click "Step 3" above for Demo

Our Transaction Management Center takes you step-by-step through the entire deal and provides customizable contracts, forms, checklists and education resources necessary to manage the transaction effectively.

Learn More how we help Manage the Transaction

Click to see how all three steps come together
in the BizByOwner System
See the demo on how we help you sell a business

Want Additional Support & Coaching?
A La Carte Consulting: $99/Hour

All Basic Subscribers receive full technical support for our tools but what if you want help preparing your Business Offering Package or you want a "go to" resource for advice throughout the selling process? All subscribers can buy blocks of time with a BizByOwner Consultant at any point in the selling process, customized to meet your specific needs. Just contact your BizByOwner representative, or call us toll free at 1.720.772.7052

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