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The Business Buyer's Toolkit
For only $19.95, no buyer should be without this important resource.

The Buyer’s Tool Kit helps you understand your goals and properly evaluate a business opportunity. Important checklists, key rules of thumb for valuing a business, important questions every buyer should ask a seller, and understanding rates of return on your investment are just some of the items that will help keep you objective when looking at a business opportunity and help ensure a thorough assessment.

Every checklist and business plan can be edited and modified to meet the needs of you specific situation.
   Buy Now for $19.95
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Critical Documents Package
Get the critical documents you need to buy a business including multiple versions of purchase agreements, letters of intent, promissory notes and more.

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Documents included in The Buyer's Toolkit
Buying A Business—A Process Overview
Knowledge is power—understand how each step of the business buying process works
What’s a Good Price for a Business?
Includes two popular methods for valuing a business
See pricing “Rules of Thumb” for several popular businesses/industries
How to calculate a return on your investment for a given price and cash flow
Questions To Ask The Seller
Get answers early to the questions that matter most so you can make an informed decision
  Site Visit & Inspection Checklist
Ensure a thorough assessment of the premises when you visit a business with this checklist—a must have for any buyer!
  Due Diligence Checklist
You have to “sweat the small stuff” before you buy a business—this due diligence process overview and checklist helps you get it right
  Closing Checklist
Know what you need to do to get your deal to a successful closing with this step-by-step checklist
  Developing A Business Plan
Prepare yourself for success with an outstanding business plan—includes an outline and tips on how to complete each section

Acrobat Reader is required.

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