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Critical Documents

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Critical Documents Package
For only $29.95, no buyer should be without this important resource.

The Critical Documents Package will give you the critical documents you need to buy a business including multiple versions of purchase agreements, letters of intent, promissory notes and more. There are education notes on each document, and you can edit and modify every document to fit your specific situation. Sellers often custom create these documents—having them yourself will allow you to educate yourself with contracts that are not written by the seller. Additionally, these templates can save you significant amounts of time and money as you prepare to close on your business opportunity.

Buy Now for $29.95
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Documents included in
The Critical Documents Package
  All of the items in the Buyer's Tool Kit, PLUS ....
  Documents for Structuring the Deal
•   This package includes 7 documents you need to structure an asset sale and 4 documents you need to structure a stock sale. Includes: Letters of Intent, Purchase Agreements, Promissory Notes, Non-competition Agreements and More.
  Documents for Closing the Deal
•   This package also includes 31 documents you need for closing the deal. Includes: Bill of Sale, Assignement and Assumption Agreements, Security Agreements, Closing Memorandums, Settlement Statements and More.
  >> See the entire Critcal Documents Package.
  Every document is in Microsoft Word® format and can be edited and modified to meet the needs of your specific situation!

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