Broker Support  
We Manage Your Transaction

  Working with our Local Business Broker
Your BizByOwner Consultant and local broker will WORK CLOSELY TOGETHER to support your sales effort.

In addition to your SCHEDULED GUIDANCE CALLS, your BizByOwner Consultant will be available by phone and email as you market your business for sale. Once you get to the point of working with a serious buyer, your BROKER WILL MEET WITH YOU AND THE BUYER to help move the deal forward. Your broker will:
Facilitate further discovery meetings with you and the buyer, if needed
Work with you and the buyer to write a Letter of Intent and move to a binding Purchase Agreement
Coordinate the buyer’s due diligence process
Help the buyer find suitable financing sources
Coordinate all parties for closing including buyer, seller, attorneys, CPA’s, title companies, etc.
Schedule closing with an appropriate escrow attorney
Attend closing to make sure that everything goes well and your business is sold!
Your broker will be available for unlimited meetings as it relates to developing offers and managing the closing process. As always, YOUR CONSULTANT WILL ALSO BE AVAILABLE, if needed.

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