Consultant Support  
How We Help You Manage The Transaction

  Custom Transaction Resources
Once you begin to receive buyer inquiries, your Consultant will schedule additional GUIDANCE CALLS with you at strategic points to ensure that you UNDERSTAND EACH STEP of the process and how to GET YOUR DEAL CLOSED, including:
Coordinating showings and information exchange
Negotiating strategies and how to structure the deal for maximum value!
Working with our contract templates, forms and checklists
How to maximize the value of your attorney and CPA
Understanding Due Diligence
Closing the Deal
In addition to your scheduled Guidance Calls, your BizByOwner Consultant will be available by phone and email THROUGHOUT THE PROCESS. This provides you with a “GO–TO” RESOURCE as unique questions or concerns arise. Please keep in mind that your Consultant can not offer legal or tax advice but we are happy to help you find these IMPORTANT RESOURCES in your area.

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