About BizByOwner

BizByOwner is dedicated to providing the owners of small- and mid-sized businesses with the premier resource for selling their business themselves, without the expense of a broker.

BizByOwner.com is owned and operated by BizByOwner, LLC.

Why BizByOwner

BizByOwner was launched with one goal in mind: Be the premier web-based resource for those who want to sell their own business, making it possible for them to do a better job on their own than a full service broker would—saving them tens of thousands of dollars in the process. Our dedication to excellence has brought forth a customized, step-by-step, interactive system that puts the key elements of a successful sale at the fingertips of our clients. BizByOwner clients create a professional seller’s offering presentation for their business that includes an effective overview of the business and concise financial information. They also assess the potential selling value of the enterprise in an online module. In addition, they access multiple resources that help them develop dynamic buyer search strategies and gain the knowledge and systems to help them approach the selling process with confidence. BizByOwner clients can take a deal from initial buyer conversations, through negotiations, and on to a successful closing.

As many business owners who have tried to sell their businesses either on their own or through brokers can appreciate, BizByOwner was born partly of frustration. Founders Rick Pike, President and CEO, and Don Beezley, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, both come from the full-service business brokerage field after starting and operating their own businesses, and then selling those businesses, sometimes on their own, and sometimes with the help of brokers.

“As a business owner,” says Pike, “I was disappointed with the inconsistent quality and professionalism I found in the business brokerage field when I was selling my businesses. I also found the incomplete, one-dimensional resources available to those who wanted to sell a business on their own to be inadequate. As for business brokerage, I thought, ‘hey, I could really make a competitive difference in this field.’ And I have, by becoming a business broker and doing the same great job for my clients that I had expected would be done for me as a seller. One day, however, I realized I could reach and work with only so many people. But there are thousands upon thousands of business owners who need quality support and can’t find it, or would simply like to have the right tools at their disposal to do the job themselves. By saving thousands of dollars in commissions, business owners can effectively pay themselves very well for selling their own business. But a complete solution that would help a business owner create an effective, professional presentation, understand what their business would be worth to a buyer, how to find those buyers, and then know how to get a deal to closing simply didn’t exist. So I set about creating an interactive tool that would bring to business owners all of the secrets I employ to do a great job for my clients—from start to finish—and that would allow them to do a better job than a great many brokers would, and BizByOwner was born!”

Don Beezley echoes these sentiments. “After working with multiple brokers and companies as a business seller, including the ‘national’ ones, I realized someone with actual business experience would have a real competitive advantage in the business brokerage industry. And, like Rick, I was right. But when Rick approached me with his idea for BizByOwner, and the opportunity to help thousands of business owners succeed with the sale of their businesses—rather than just a handful—how could I say no? Rick and I have been in the trenches on all sides of a deal—Seller, Buyer and the guy in the middle. Sellers needed BizByOwner, and here we are.”

With BizByOwner, business owners have the opportunity to utilize tools developed by people who have been in their shoes—as entrepreneurs, and as sellers and buyers of businesses. With the right tools, provided to them by BizByOwner, sellers can do an effective, professional job of selling their businesses, and save tens of thousands of dollars in commissions in the process. Even brokers are asking if they can utilize BizByOwner’s offering reports, valuation tools and marketing modules for their clients!

Client Commitment

BizByOwner has a passionate commitment to its clients’ success. Continual reinvestment to ensure maximum usability and effectiveness of the BizByOwner system is a top priority. Fast response with client support is also a central principle. We want each and every client to be successful in the creation of their Business Offering Package, in their search for a quality buyer, and in their ability to get the deal to closing. The BizByOwner system provides the opportunity for its clients to create and present a sophisticated, professional quality seller’s presentation that gives them a competitive advantage when selling their business. They will be able to out-compete broker represented businesses, and save thousands of dollars in commissions in the process. Referrals to BizByOwner’s Preferred Resources are also available, giving clients access to resources such as business attorneys and CPA’s, helping them round out their personal team and be successful in their solo efforts.

Next Generation of Web-Based Solutions

A second Internet revolution is taking place. Unlike the heady days of the late nineteen-nineties when flash took prevalence over substance, a new generation of web-based solutions is evolving, and it is quietly but dramatically changing the face of multiple industries. BizByOwner’s dynamic solution is at the forefront of this second wave. Consider an analogy: Prior web applications that provided simple content, pictures of products one could order, or postings of basic, one-dimensional information, were the equivalent of a hammer—a tool—that could help you build a house, and they were a great step forward. The next generation application from BizByOwner, however, not only gives you the tools you need to “build the house”; it helps you build the house itself within its web-based application! In fact, BizByOwner was far enough ahead of the web development curve that we even had difficulty finding a development company that really “got it” and had the expertise to get the job done. BizByOwner clients create and manage an entire Business Offering Package within BizByOwner.com, access the resources they need for buyer search strategies and education, and step-by-step procedures support them and take them through the entire process of selling their business. Those clients also interface with their potential buyers entirely within BizByOwner.com (in addition to traditional hard copy or email methods—yes, email is now “traditional”!). Each client has his or her own secure web page that a prospective buyer can visit to review the selling company’s information and evaluate it as an acquisition candidate. The client manages that information in an innovative Client Information Management Center that allows access to all parts of the system and provides for real time updates of the entire Business Offering Package. If a client needs more assistance locally, a network of Preferred Resources is set up across the country with business attorneys and CPA’s.

BizByOwner has created a truly dynamic, interactive web-based environment that provides its business owner clients with a complete solution for selling their business themselves. BizByOwner is, and will continue to be, at the forefront of web-based innovations that serve their clients’ needs, saving those clients thousands—or even tens of thousands—of dollars in brokerage commissions.

The Complete Solution. The Best Solution.

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