What People are Saying About BizByOwner

Thanks for providing me with all of your support. Your resources and support has really helped me understand the process of selling my business!

Mitch S.
Lake City, FL
Amazingly simple! How can you provide such great tools and support so cheap?

Cory J.
San Diego, CA
The reports that your system generated on my company were much more professional than the business brokers I’ve worked with in the past. Plus, with the marketing resources, I feel like I’ll be able to better market my business for sale than the brokers did!

Curt B.
Phoenix, AZ
Your system is so simple – I just follow the directions and out come these beautiful reports. The marketing resources provided me with a better plan than the business broker I was working with, and also showed me how to implement the plan. Thanks for the checklists and great forms and contract templates too!

Wes H.
Harrisburg, PA

Thanks for all your help - I'm not sure I could have got my business sold without your tools and support!

George B.
Huntsville, AL

Great tools - Excellent service! I'm not sure why anyone would consider selling a business any other way!

Lydia N.
Erie, PA

I want to commend you and your Company again for a fabulous product!! Thank You!

Ralph M.
Rosewell, GA

Just wanted to thank you for such a comprehensive service. I sold my business last month and used your forms for the sale. It made it a professional and simple closing.

Kim G.
Houston, TX

We have a serious buyer who has an offer on the table. Your tools and service have been a great help to us.

Scott H.
Alexandria, VA

It’s refreshing to see a company like yours provide such outstanding service and support. I’d never seen anything like your system so I was slightly skeptical but what a nice surprise.

Kelvin J.
Tampa, FL

When I first saw your different options I had my doubts about the ease of use and quality of your service but everything exceeded my expectations! Very impressive - Thank you!

Mark P.
Durham, NC

I thought all I had to do was advertise my business for sale online and I could sell it myself. Without your system and support, I'm not sure I would have got it sold.

Patrica L.
Woodburn, OR

Your service is impressive and follow-up amazing. Thanks again.

Jim S.
Scottsdale, AZ

I would highly recommend your program to anyone wanting to sell their business. The way I see it, I paid myself $40,000 utilizing your system - obviously, well worth my time!

Craig J.
Port Charlotte, FL

I almost hired a business broker. I'm awfully glad I found BizByOwner, you saved me $32,000+ in commissions. Great product and service!!

Calvin M.
Lubbock, TX

I wish I would have found you a year ago. I struggled for months to sell my business myself but utilizing your step-by-step system, I found a buyer within a month and closed the deal six weeks later. Thanks!

Ray S.
Atlanta, GA

All I have to say is, Great Job - Amazing System!!

Joe P.
Houston, TX

Wow – I am so glad I found your tools online. I did not want to pay a broker to sell my business and I did not know how to do it myself but your system it is so simple. My reports are so professional and the Marketing Resources have already helped me find a buyer. Thanks so much!

Tracy C.
Florence, SC
The resources your website offers are truly one of a kind. I never knew how easy it could be to sell my own business. The step-by-step process your system offers really made a difference for me. Whenever I had questions, your support staff was very knowledgeable and helpful.

Diane S.
Temecula, CA
Wow - Great tools and so simple!

Howard J.
Nashville, TN
Before joining BizByOwner, I never had a clear picture of how to sell my business—even after talking with brokers. BizByOwner brought all of the pieces together for me—and I'll be keeping the commission.

Patricia C.
Broomfield, CO